E-learning is a modern method of studying. The many advantages contribute to a new way of aquiring and sharing knowledge. 

 All the advantages in a nutshell:

  • Easily accessible from your own home. No need to travel to an educational institution or getting trapped in a traffic jam.
  • Study at a time you feel fit to study. Decide for yourself when you feel fit to study. Do you have some spare hours today? Grab your study material and work from any place you want. 
  • Study at your own pace. Pay more attention to difficult subjects and ignore the subjects you are already familiar with. It corresponds with the new way of ' competence learning'. 
  • All the study material is up to date. All the study material is easily and quickly adapted to new developments in the field of study. By being up to date, a high quality of education is garanteed.  

Studies have shown that the effects of e-learning are significant and helpful. As we have seen in the article 'Pietje Wijsneus', learning efficiency rates rise with 57%. ' Keesje Nert' came to the same conclusion.